26 octobre 2011

Patrick Dougherty

Artiste : Patrick Dougherty (USA)

• Na Hale ‘o waiawi [*]. The Contemporary Art Museum, Honolulu, Hawaii (2003)
* Roughly translated from the Hawaiian language: Wild Dwellings Built from Strawberry Guava | Photographer: Paul Kodama
• Doin’ the Locomotion Grounds For Sculpture. Hamilton, NJ (2004) Photographer: Ricardo Barros
• Spinoffs. Decordova Museum, Lincoln, Massachusettes (1990) Photographer: George Vasquez

• Crossing Over. American Craft Museum, New York, New York (1996) Photographer: Dennis Cowley
• Cell Division Savannah College of Art, Savannah, Georgia (1998) Photographer: Wayne Moore
• Standby Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority, Raleigh, NC (2000) Photographer: Jerry Blow

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