24 octobre 2011

Fuyuko Matsui | 松井冬子

Artiste : Fuyuko Matsui | 松井冬子 (b.1974, Japan)
Scattered Deformities in the End. Colour pigment on silk, 124 x 96.5 cm (2007)
Continuous Failures in the Collision of Fragments. Colour pigment on silk, 64.5x90cm (2007)
• Demanding Proof of Being Treated Kindly for as Long as Possible. Hanging scroll, color pigment on paper, 40×50 (2004)
• Immediately Turning Gentle and Falling Asleep. Color pigment on paper, 4parts 168×102 (2004)
• Becoming Friends with All the Children in the World. Color pigment on silk mounted on paper with metal foil backing, 181.8×227.8 (2002)

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