12 septembre 2011

Nan Goldin

Photographe : Nan Goldin (b.1953, USA)
• Guido Floating, Levanzo, Sicily (1999)
Simon and Jessica Kissing in the Pool, Avignon (2001)
French Chris on the Convertible, NYC (1979)
• Nan and Brian in bed, NYC (1983)
• Self-portrait on the train, Boston - New Haven (1997)
Diashow Scopophilia, Paris (2010)

"People in the pictures say my camera is as much a part of being with me as any other aspect of knowing me. It's as if my hand were a camera. If it were possible, I'd want no mechanism between me and the moment of photographing. (...) There is a popular notion that the photographer is by nature a voyeur, the last one invited to the party. But I'm not crashing: this is my party. This is my family, my history."
"My desire is to preserve the sense of peoples' lives, to endow them with the strength and beauty I see in them. I want the people in my pictures to stare back. I want to show exactly what my world looks like, without glamorization, without glorification. This is not a bleak world but one in which there is an awareness of pain, a quality of introspection."
- The Ballad of Sexual Dependency (1986):

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