6 juin 2011

Zbigniew Kosc

Photographe : Zbigniew Kosc (b.1951, Poland/Netherlands)
Athos | Exit, Simonos Petras Monastery (1983)
Athos | Silence, Monastery Zografu (1986)
Athos | Cross, Karyes (1986)
• Athos | Monk leaving church after a night prayer, Skiti Prodromu
Athos | Monk's skull, Kapsokalivia (1983)
“He preferred to photograph interiors, without people, only a few simple objects - a flower in a glass, flaking paint on a door frame, or a frayed rug. These objects were, as minor details sometimes happen to be, metaphors of things eternal, they stood for loneliness and the transitory nature of life.” - Hanna Krall

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