26 février 2011

Jacob van Loon

Artiste : Jacob van Loon (USA)
• Cover Illustration for ‘How to Paint a House: Creative Thought in Visual Art’, Ink and digital, ~2x3”/5x7”
• Not Inside, Underground, Acrylic, ink, watercolor, gouache, oil, graphite, charcoal, and varnish on canvas, 36x48” (2010)
• Lower Whacker, Watercolor, gouache, ink and graphite on paper, 30x19”
•  Lattice, Watercolor, gouache, acrylic, ink and graphite on toned paper, 16x26”
• Triptych Commuter no. 1 (see the triptych on Behance), Watercolor and ink on toned paper, 12x14”

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